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"Dr. Edwin Flores was a Dallas ISD Trustee who always puts the education of our children first.  Edwin knows that graduating kids and making sure they're ready for college or the workplace must be the top priority for the Board of Trustees. This requires fundamental change and Edwin is a strong voice for reform and change. I encourage the voters in District 1 to elect Dr. Edwin Flores."

          - The Honorable Mike Rawlings


"I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Edwin Flores. We must work together to improve our schools and Edwin is the experienced voice we need as our Dallas ISD Trustee. Edwin's passion for our children, knowledge of our schools, and his vision for transforming our schools for the future are what we need on the board."

          - The Honorable Jennifer Staubach Gates


"We must continue the progress that has been made transforming our schools. We must ensure our children get a great education. Edwin has a deep stake in improving education - his children attend Dallas ISD schools. I firmly believe Dr. Edwin Flores is the only candidate with the experience and vision to move our schools into the future. Please vote for Dr. Edwin Flores for District 1 Dallas ISD Trustee."

          - The Honorable Ann Margolin


"I support Dr. Edwin Flores because of his deep dedication to our schools and expert experience as a former Trustee.  Edwin is dedicated to ensuring our children get an excellent education and that we support our good teachers and principals. At this critical time, we need his experience and knowledge to move forward."

          - The Honorable Lee Kleinman


"As we make major decisions concerning education in Austin, it's imperative that we hae strong leadership on the DISD Board from District 1. Edwin Flores has a positive history of working with the community, the board and administration, and local and state officials. He's the only candidate I trust to continue the reform efforts in our schools. I fully support Edwin Flores for District 1 DISD Trustee."

          - The Honorable Jason Villalba, State Representative for District 114


"A parent to two Dallas ISD students, Edwin understands the challenges and opportunities facing Dallas ISD. His long-time community involvement and relationships make him approachable and accessible to all of his constituents and neighborhoods. Combined with his deep understanding of education policy and focus on accountability for the administration. Edwin is uniquely qualified to serve as a Dallas ISD Trustee. He is the only candidate in this race with the experience necessary to guide the district as it continues to move forward and make progress increasing student achievement throughout our schools."

          - Educate Dallas


"DallasKidsFirst members voted to support Edwin Flores to represent District 1. If elected, Flores brings to his candidacy years of prior experience on the DISD board. His extensive experience in board governance, combined with his passion for providing all students an excellent education won Edwin Flores the DKF vote. Flores impressed DKF with a deep understanding of public education issues across the country as well as specific knowledge of the challenges District 1 schools face."

           - DallasKidsFirst


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