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Edwin Flores - Dallas ISD Trustee, District 1


I am pleased to be running for re-election to continue to be your school board trustee for District 1.  As a strong supporter of our public schools, I will continue to provide strong experienced leadership, strict accountability, fiscal discipline, and governing by policy. 
We must also have a clear vision for the changes needed to design the schools of the future. I have the leadership skills and the experience in the Dallas ISD schools to help guide the changes that we need to transform our schools for the future.

-  Edwin Flores



Dr. Edwin Flores was our District 1 DISD Trustee from 2005-2012

When he first ran for school board trustee, Flores ran on a platform of  strong leadership, strict accountability and real progress in our schools.  During his tenure, he was known as one of the leaders on the board in transforming our schools and creating positive change.

In 2015, Dr. Flores ran again for election to return strong leadership to District 1.

Dr. Flores was elected with 60% of 6,277 votes. He won because he understood that it is imperative that we have strong leadership on the DISD Board from District 1. Dr. Edwin Flores has a positive history of working with the community, the board and administration, and local and state officials for the benefit of ALL our students.

Dr. Edwin Flores continued the transformation efforts in our schools.

As a parent of DISD students, Edwin understands the needs of our community and has always been accessible. That’s why he will continue his comprehensive community engagement plan. We need a trustee who is connected to our community and who believes in strong neighborhood schools. Dr. Flores will drive a policy agenda that empowers school leadership in the classroom and the campus with central office playing a supportive role.

Dr. Edwin Flores has the experienced leadership we need.

During his tenure he helped author a number of key policies, including the district transparency policy, sustainability policy, the core beliefs and commitments, delayering central administration, and completely revamped the intake process at HR.  Dr. Flores led the charge on the financial plan that has now yielded a healthy fund balance.  

Dr. Edwin Flores knows what it takes to build schools of the future.

Edwin has a vision: to build the schools of the future, for the way students learn today, so they can excel in the workplace of the future and be productive citizens. Technology is very important, as it serves to aid our classroom professionals with their work. Dr. Edwin Flores will champion learning environments that maximize choices, provide a stimulating learning opportunities, project based learning environments. Dr. Flores will always be watchful of taxpayer dollars. When elected, employee engagement will also be on the top of his policy agenda. We must work with all our employees to make Dallas ISD a great place to work to ensure all students receive a great education. 

Dr. Edwin Flores.  

 Experienced Leadership. 

 Transforming Our Schools for the Future.





Edwin Flores subscribes to the Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Edwin S. Flores, Ph.D., Esq. 14951 North Dallas Parkway, Ste 400, Dallas, Texas 75254 866-0001 T (214) 866-0010 F









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